About the SuperFamily

I am one of two very proud and devoted mom’s to a big one and two littles.

We live in Southern California but our “home” is in Washington state. We hope to return soon but for now we must endure the sunshine, and year round beautiful weather until we can join the land of pine trees, lush greenery and the reason it stays that way… the rain! 😉

We now live in Washington!!

Yup… we did it. Took the plunge so to speak and moved to our home in Marysville. In case you ask… I don’t know who Mary is or what she did to deserve a ville but whatever it was, it must’ve been good because this is a pretty cool location. There is adventure in every direction! Close enough to Seattle for cool events and some city life, yet far enough away to enjoy a slower paced lifestyle. Very refreshing after so many years in the LA area.

In this blog I will share with you the fun and challenges of life with 2 mommies, 2 littles, a dog and a cat and occasionally Ms. Big will be tossed in for good measure.

Laughs will be shared, perhaps some tears will be shed but no matter the situation, our capes fly high.

My hope is that you will enjoy my quirky temperament and bear with me through my attempts at humor on hard days. All in all, my goal is to be entertaining, I mean after all, the kids will read this one day and either look back on the sentiment with nostalgia or think I’m a complete dork… most likely both!

Welcome SuperPeeps!! Glad you’re here!!!!!!


1 thought on “About the SuperFamily”

  1. Jessica (@jessbwatson) said:

    So great to see you blogging, can’t wait to read more!

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