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The munchkins lost their PopPop.

It’s shocking. Devastating. Sad.
I can’t even put into words all the things it is because I just can’t think.

I’m so very sad.
Sad for his wife.
Sad for his son and daughter.
Sad for our kids
Sad for all his grandkids.
Sad for us.
Sad for everyone that he has touched because he was truly a special person.
Creative, funny and inviting.
He has the type of personality that drew you in and once you allowed yourself to believe that you were “there” with him, you were there.
Like, really there.
No half assed acceptance.
You were family.

He loved music and shared stories about his lifetime of awesome concert experiences and the joy that he got from his favorite bands. When Mr. Munchkin was brand new to this world he made him a cd full of music that had touched him at some point in his life and believed that a new member of this world needed to hear.

He made our kids a priority. He made them feel special and showed them as much love as a person could, like Poppa’s do.
He cuddled them every chance he got.
He played in the sand with them and climbed rocks.
He played Legos and bottle fed dolly’s.

Shoot, he showed me love. Accepted me. Made me feel special.
He was like that with everyone.
It was a gift.
He was a gift.
A moment with him and that magnetic personality drew you in, warmed your spirit and had you laughing til the tears were flowing.

Tears are flowing now because we will miss this amazing man.
Go in peace PopPop.
We will look for you in the beauty that surrounds us