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Forgive me blog friends, for I have sinned… it’s been 2 months and 7 days since my last blog post.

Since I’m confessing, I might as well be honest here and say that I’m about to shamelessly link up the latest blogs. Alright, there might be a teensy bit of shame. I mean, it is a pretty big “sin” for a blogger to have such a huge gap when their usual style is to fill in details of current life. Whip me with a wet rice noodle but keep reading 😉
If you haven’t read the linked blogs, here’s your chance to catch up. If you have read them, you can refresh your memories or move on down to the new stuff.

The Sidewalk Chalk Selfie was a monumental moment for our family. I’m sure everyone thinks that their child’s first drawing is a big deal, we’re no different, ours just came a bit later than typical.
Four Fourths Makes a Whole, gives a nice little breakdown of our journey with Mr. Munchkin and thoughts about him turning 4.
Love Always Prevails. What can I say about this one? It was a breakthrough for human beings everywhere. Validation for families like mine.

When was it that things took a little turn? When did I lose my spark?
I think the answer can be found back in early June.
Keep the Flashlight Close, is a look at my depression and the warning signs that I sometimes notice a bit too late. When depression hit, it became harder to share inspiration. My daily life was filled with inspiring moments and plenty of laughter but my creative ability to share it was limited. Time constraints muddled my thoughts and left me feeling overwhelmed. All posts that were started, ended up being abandoned… and you, my awesome SuperPeeps were left in the dark.

But Alas! I have returned!

So, what have you all missed? Oh, not much… just two months of life 😉

Allow me to catch you up with a pictorial timeline…

Ms. Big moved in.
Here is a pic of a wall in her room. You might ask why this is significant… because this is the ONLY room in the house that has anything on the walls. She’s been here since the end of August and has “personalized” her space. We’ve owned the home since last year and have yet to hang anything. haha


Miss Munchkin had her first haircut.
I shed some tears. I know, weird but seriously, it got to me.


We took a road trip to Cali and this pic pretty much explains most of our driving experiences. You’d think we would have learned our lesson from last years road trip in which we drove nearly 8,000 miles. Clearly we’re glutton’s for punishment 😉


Mommy had a birthday.
Once the kids were in bed, we ate a nice homemade meal of red wine braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, creamy bacon brussel sprouts and topped it off with a super tasty cake.
I won’t tell you how old she is but the 2 birthday candles signify the 2 years since Miss Munchkin was born when she turned 40 😉


Miss Munchkin turned 2… two days after Mommy.
Yeah, her birthday won’t easily get forgotten. She’ll get the guilt thing when she’s older… “I spent my 40th birthday in the hospital thinking we were going to share a birthday” 😉

2ndbirthday candlesmadi

So… there you have it. All up to date and we can now move on
I’ve made my confession and paid the penance… I’m forgiven now right? …Right? 😉

What have all you amazing SuperPeeps been up to?
I’ve missed you, fill me in on your lives!