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It’s a beautiful day. A little too warm for me but hey, in the Seattle area, you thank the sun for a good dose of vitamin D every chance you get. As the baby slept, Mr. Munchkin and I played in the backyard.

We’ve really been pushing the heavy work activities as part of his sensory diet and today was no exception. He got to use Momma TT’s shovel to dig. This was a true test of my patience. Who knew trying to explain how to move dirt from one place to another could be so difficult. Learning to balance weight to a child that has very little sense of self or balance… that’s a tough task to master but he started getting the hang of it.

After our yard work, he took a few trips down the slide (when I had rid the play set of all eight-legged inhabitants), did some swinging and then sat on the porch with some sidewalk chalk and drew a picture.

The picture is monumental.


Well… for us anyway.

I have known plenty of 4 year olds that can draw a cute picture of their family and the representation is pretty accurate. Ms. Big was like that… and then some. Tell her to draw you something and she would run off with her crayons and come back with a masterpiece.

Mr. Munchkin is not one of those kids. He has to work pretty hard to hold a crayon in a position that will allow him versatility to form a shape. After several weeks of practice, he’s made some serious improvement and today -ALL BY HIMSELF- he drew a selfie.

I was so surprised and overwhelmed with pride.

I was also shocked and amazed.

I ran inside, grabbed my phone and came back out to snap a pic. In the moment that it took me to unplug my phone from the charger, he added Mommy to the pic!

*insert blubbering Momma TT*

Yes. I cried. Happy tears but honestly, I think it freaked him out for a second.
“Are you hurt TT?”
“No honey, my heart is just so happy.”
“Oh, ok. Soooo, this is me… and this is mommy… and these are my fingers because I’m giving her a squeeze…”

Allow me to point  a few things out…


His “fingers” are on the left side of mommy’s head. There’s 4 of them.
Mommy has no arms but she has two long legs to make up for it and she has a big smile because her little boy is giving her a hug.

Mr. Munchkin has 1 eye,  2 short legs and 1 really long arm… “My super arm can get things for you TT. Do you need me to get you something?” (is he already aware of my height limitations?)
“No, I’m fine thanks. What’s that on the top of your picture?”
“That’s my hair… not too many so we don’t have to comb it.”

Ok… that got me! So much thought behind his picture. In my opinion, he executed it perfectly and the story continued for over half an hour. He added to the picture and told me everything that was happening in his story. Eventually most things got incorporated into a mess of scribbles but what a glorious first drawing of something recognizable!