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We are in our new home in Washington!




Technically, the house has been built for a little over a year and we spent last summer. Now that we’ve completely transitioned ourselves and all of our belongings, it feels super official. For this honorary situation I have compiled some ‘firsts’ that aren’t really firsts at all but rather, ‘firsts after many other firsts that only count as temporary firsts’.

The First first is…

Our first welcome home gift!!
This was waiting in the fridge when we arrived with our moving truck.
Love the “wo” men’s touch 😉
There was also Sparkling Grape/Apple juice in one of those champagne looking bottles for the Munchkins.
Was this the best first ever?? I vote, YES! Thank you friend


First room unpacked… the kitchen!
I honestly don’t think I have ever gotten an entire room completely unpacked before moving to another place.  Not necessarily because we moved too quickly but because I would hide organize boxes to work on later and forget about them. This time was different. Everything is put away and in a logical/functional location.
(Pics are not here for bragging purposes -too much- but so Mommy has a map of where things go in case she empties the dishwasher)



Sticking with the kitchen theme…
First time the dishwasher needed to be started and there was still silverware in the drawer. I don’t know if any of you have this issue but we have a serious issue with missing forks. Where the heck do they go?? I only like the small spoons and forks- call it tonsil protection -and they are always gone first.

How was this problem solved? By combining two houses stocked with minimal silverware to equal one house with an adequate supply.


Here we have the first chicken soup made from the first crockpot chicken leftovers and the first homemade broth. I only mention this because Ms. Big was impressed with my improved culinary skills… she was deprived as a child- pb&j was a common menu item 😉


First toddler-astrophy!
In case you’re wondering, that is CoffeeMate all over the floor. My precious Kcups came through unharmed for the moment but she has since figured out how to pop holes in them. I’ll start charging her 50 cents a piece if she keeps breaking them!

Have you ever had to clean up this type of mess? The gentle sweeping with one arm extended to prevent tiny feet from making more ‘cute’ prints all over the floor. The fast wiping with wipees to get the majority of the dust that is now turning to muck. The actual mopping on hands and knees to make sure nobody comes around the corner and breaks their neck… that stuff is slippery!!
I could’ve been sitting calmly with a coffee cup in my hand looking out the window watching the clouds go by but noooooo… I allowed the scary silence that preceded this on-purpose accident to carry on for too long.

Miss Munchkin has now discovered that, on her tippy toes, she can reach the water button on the fridge. The only thing good about that situation, is it didn’t happen at the same time as the creamer.


Our first trip to the community playground.
We had a brief look at the sun and by the time I got the kids into jackets and the dog leashed up the clouds began to take over once again.
It was garbage day and on the short walk, we were stopped by 2 garbage truck drivers so they could pet Miles. Yes, the dog is beautiful but the kids are cute as heck and the young boy that’s standing here jumping up and down with excitement that a garbage truck driver is standing in front of him, could use a bit of acknowledgement as well. Sheesh!


There you have it… a brief list of firsts.
What firsts do you cherish?
Hmm… cherish looks like cherry but that’s neither here nor there 😉