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The countdown has reached the last day. You’re probably like, “Thank Goodness! I was getting so sick of this woman whining about moving!” Don’t get too excited there, I’m sure you’ll hear about the unpacking 😉

Just 1 day to finish packing then off we go!

This will be the last blog in California *sad face *happy face *confused face
Hmm… It’s a happy time and yet there are so many sad thoughts as well. Leads to a ball of mixed emotions.


Today we finish packing up the truck. Should be fun. Yay. Lucky for me, I have two able-bodied helpers! 😛

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I will be bragging about my beautiful stacks. If I wasn’t going to be without a computer later, I would also brag about the beautifully packed truck. Yes, I’m assuming it’s going to look great and be positioned safely for the long drive.



Line 1

Line 2

Line 2


Miss Munchkin hanging out in the truck

Yes… bad TT for letting her in there with no shoes. Shortly after we found lots of little feet dangers. There were no injuries and a tetanus shot wasn’t required.

The Munchkins hanging out. Weeeeee

The Munchkins hanging out. Weeeeee

Alright SuperPeeps… have a great day. I’ll check in here and there on facebook.