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Just 3 days left until we wake up at an ungodly hour to escape LA before commuter traffic makes our trek to Washington 3 hours longer. I’ve given instructions to all the toys to be extra vigilant about not getting lost!


“Does everybody have their moving buddies?” (Woody- Toy Story)

When I was a kid I didn’t have tons of toys. I think back on that and am like, thank goodness! I would be a basket case! (I am, with or without toys, right?). My toys had feelings. No really… they did! I said goodnight to my Rub-a-dub-dolly and the various stuffed animals and if I gave one of them a hug, they ALL got a hug or it would be impossible for me to fall asleep. I would worry that they were sad, thinking I didn’t love them as much as the others. Seriously. I would stress the eff out about it!

To this day I still have to remind myself that they are inanimate objects. A couple summers ago we were heading back to Cali from Seattle and I left Henry in a hotel and felt so awful. For 1, I didn’t have him but 2, he was alone and probably thought I had abandoned him and didn’t love him anymore 😦 Poor Henry.


Yes, I called the hotel and they still had him and YES, I payed to have him shipped home! He was packaged in the box so nicely– with a breathing hole! How awesome was that?! There was another time that the cleaning person, made up the bed and sat him sweetly in the middle of the bed, all comfy in the pillows. People that take an extra minute to do that kind of thing totally ROCK!Image

When Toy Story was made Ms. Big was 4. This did not help my me detach from the idea that toys are alive. I worried about her toys and probably passed on some bizarre need to give all toys the same amount of love. When Boo-Boo bear was lost/stolen/sold (who knows what happened to him), we were both devastated and I’m pretty sure she’s still mad about it– take it to therapy kid 😉

Ms. Big graduated in 2009 and shortly after Toy Story 3 was released. OH MY GAH! I cried my eyes out. Such a great movie. Perfect ending. And it was so much like real life, played out in real time with my daughters age from the starting movie to the end. I just loved it! Mr. Munchkin was tiny and we watched everyday for months. It was so great to have two sides of the age spectrum represented. I’m sure a lucky momma!

The frantic last few dImageay’s of tying up loose ends are upon us and really, I just want someone to tie me up and force me to drink beer until I no longer care if someone (Mommy) carries on with an hourly countdown. I know there are 24hrs in a day. I know there are 72hrs in 3 days. I don’t want to be reminded! There’s still so much to do plus I haven’t seen everyone I want to say goodbye to. Come visit me people. This house is holding me captive! You’ve got 3 days or you will have to live vicariously through blogs and facebook status updates until August.

Tomorrow I may sit down and decompress at the computer and type up a couple words but most likely the next blog will just be me bragging about my organized piles of crap with pictures. So, until tomorrow… be SUPER! (You can be super after tomorrow as well)