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Well… countdown day #5 is nearly in the books. We are down to one hand people!!

At this point the countdown seems futile. Like it’ll be a complete letdown once we actually drive away in the moving truck. I suppose it’s just the fact that the big day approaches and it still seems like we’re so far from being prepared.

In all honesty, I’m just a control freak and we’re doing pretty well. Things are nicely organized in the garage, the house is getting emptier everyday and we’re learning to live with less and less items at our disposal.

Of course, it’s also Mother’s Day.
I really need to call my mom… right after I finish writing 😉

So what exactly does Mother’s Day mean to us right now?

  • There was no brunch- Half the family is sick and dietary restrictions make it tough for the kids to eat out anyway
  • There weren’t any flowers- I did not want to pull out a vase!
  • We didn’t buy each other cards from the kids and the pets like usual- would just be one more thing to pack
  • We didn’t even have the kids do a little craft project for us, as all the crafting supplies have been packed away for awhile

So what the heck did we do??
Miss Munchkin and I slept on the couch last night because we were coughing buddies. Poor little thing was miserable. If she feels anything like I did, ugh…
Anyway, when Mr. Munchkin came down he was as sweet as always and after a super crappy night of very little sleep, it was just what the doctor ordered. Mommy came down moments after that and Mother’s Day hugs were doled out and she even made me breakfast– those eggs were PERFECT!!
As the day moved on, we made progress with packing and getting things situated then my energy took a nosedive. That was when my Mother’s Day gift went into effect.
Miss Munchkin and I took a nap! Even better than that… we both slept!
It was beautiful!

I awoke recharged and ready for another couple hours of life. More packing ensued. This time I took lots of breaks as not to overdo it, that payed off in the end as I’m still awake and mostly mobile.

Amongst the packing, it was clear that Miss Munchkin needed to be de-boogered. Where oh where is that booger sucker?? Hmm… packed neatly away at the bottom of a pile? Naww… I wouldn’t have done that, right?…. WRONG!


Yes, I had to unstack all those boxes to get to the ONE item that a mother shouldn’t pack away when preparing to move. True that everyone was in ship-shape when that tub was packed but c’mon, have a little foresight. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking that everyone would stay healthy for one whole month!

Mother’s Day is coming to a close and even though it hasn’t been monumental with super fun stuff, it has been memorable. I hope all of you out there have had a great day celebrating your own motherhood and honoring your mother’s whether they are with you or have become your guardian angel. Being a mommy is the most amazing gift all in itself. I am grateful more than words can explain that I have been trusted by the Universe to care for 3 amazing humans.