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Welcome to my psychosis…
May 11th is half of 22… today is #6 on the countdown which is half of 12
12-22!!! Yep… always working it in there somehow or another. I don’t want to steal the blogging thunder though, this blog is dedicated to my First Best Friend… It’s her birthday today. I won’t tell you how old she is but she is a few months younger than me so, do the math if you want 😉

SIX MORE DAYS until we head back to my home state of Washington. Our house is near Everett but I grew up on the east side of the state in a little town called Deer Park. As a kid there were about 2,000 residents. It was the type of place where people knew their neighbors- good, bad or otherwise.

In such a small town, everything I did was within a few blocks of my house. Distance was gauged by my moms voice; If I couldn’t hear her yelling, I was too far away. I lived on 222 Margaret (maybe that’s where my obsession with 2s began).
The elementary school was 2 blocks over and 2 blocks down. The baseball field  where I played little league was at the end of my street and most importantly, my first best friend lived just one block down from my house.

My memory is pretty selective when it comes to my childhood so many things are lost in vacant spaces of my brain or transfused in a mess much like a ball of yarn but I think we met at age 4.

Like I said, not much of a memory but there are some things that are so ingrained in my head that when I’m sitting in a rocking chair and can’t remember my own name, memories of my first friend will stand out…

  • Her birthday is on May 11th… I don’t remember many people’s birthdays
  • Her dad showing us his Chicago sized softball (16″) I was in awe
  • Playing softball with a Chicago ball and a yardstick. Realizing the error in her pitching so close when playing with a yardstick a little bit too late. Pretty sure blood was involved
  • Riding the bus to Kindergarten
  • Walking to school together everyday
  • Selling Girl Scout cookies and some jerk paying with a fake $20
  • When she first started playing the trumpet and I wanted to play so badly. She tried to teach me the proper way to blow through the mouthpiece.
  • Having oatmeal at her house and how tasty it was with “real” sugar
  • Listening to her mom practice her guitar and talk about music– Can’t tell you how amazing that was to me
  • Her and other friends talking to me outside my window when I was grounded to my bed (Whatever it was I did wrong, I’m positive I was framed. lol)

There are so many more memories that we shared together but my absolute, favorite memory of all time- that I think of EVERY time I watch a scary movie- is her sleepover birthday party. It was my first sleepover party and I think we were about 8. It was a party so I’m sure there were many things we all did but the only thing I remember is screaming and kicking over the pretzels at the clown scene in Poltergeist. Clowns have never been the same to me after that. Funny thing is, I have the same reaction to scary shows to this day- kicking and screaming!

Many of the things I learned from her wouldn’t click until much later in life. Her social maturity was light years ahead of mine and I’m so grateful that we had such a strong bond for those early years regardless of how dorky I am was. Maybe she knows, maybe she doesn’t but she saved my life on more than one occasion.  When I get back to Washington, I’m gonna take her out for a beer and thank her for being the awesome person she was then and continues to be all these years later. Thank you my dear friend. You have know idea how much you mean to me and I will forever be grateful.