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I slept like crap last night due to coughing. I was desperate enough that I went to the store at 2am for cough drops and Dayquil hoping for some relief. My efforts were in vain. After a couple more coughing attacks, I grabbed Henry and my blanky and banished myself to the couch.


This is my dear friend Henry

I’m not feeling the countdown today but like it or not, we’ve come to the one week mark. Seven days people– Seven days!!


A little more self disclosure (if you knew how long it took me to come up with ‘disclosure’, you’d know how far off my game I am today). Anyway…

I have some issues with OCD.
I’m not washing my hands to the point of bleeding (anymore), or washing walls at 4am (anymore) but I tell ya… When things get stressful (and throw a minor illness into the mix), I notice EVERY SINGLE THING that doesn’t fit nicely in the little boxes my mind creates.

Take for instance web browsers. I like Firefox. I only like to have 6 tabs open, at the most 9. Once I’ve surpassed my extra 3 tabs with blogs I’m reading then I send stuff to new windows. That’s not my favorite thing to do but it sure beats having tons of tiny little boxes at the top. I know what you’re thinking– Why is 9 (being an odd number) okay? Well, because 12 is divisible by 3. 9 is also divisible by 3. Somehow that makes it ok. haha

This mornings example… eggs.
It’s a bit of a routine for Miss Munchkin and I to have eggs with a little bit of hash browns in the morning (Mr. M is not a fan). My eggs need to have all the white goopy stuff cooked but the yolks runny. Today, I broke a yolk. Thankfully I could just give the baby that one since she eats them scrambled but really? I couldn’t just eat it? Suck it up TT!

For the record… I would NEVER watch something 367 times. That is an odd number. Perhaps 366. How many times does 3 go into 66? You guessed it 22. BOOM!!!

Through the years I’ve learned to temper things down as not to infringe on other people’s comfort and yeah, that can up my discomfort level some but with lots of practice I’m getting better at convincing myself that things are “okay”…. That cup sitting there is ok, that string on the floor is ok, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I even believe it ๐Ÿ˜‰

So… today marks 7 days of life left in this house. This place has offered daily challenges of recognizing the difference between obsessive behavior and ‘normal’ freak out worthy stuff. I can’t tell you how happy I am to move into our brand new home and stay there year round.
Keep your fingers crossed that all of my cleaning and organizing pays off and I don’t bring California spiders with me. That is the ONE thing I’m scared about most! *shudder