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There are only 8 packing days left. Only 8 more days of worrying.
Why is moving so stressful to me?
I’m sure it’s hard on others but damn, I take it personally. lol


For nearly 2 weeks some little virus has been running through the house. Mr. Munchkin had it first. He’s finally improving and even being obnoxious, that’s always a good sign šŸ˜›
Miss Munchkin woke up with a fever yesterday but just slightly and besides a little snot, she seems to be doing alright today.

This morning I woke up on fire!


Is there ever a good time for mommy’s to be sick? NO
Is it the law of nature that illness will strike at the most inopportune time? YES

Bah… Like I’m not already emotionally raw… give me a fever, let’s see how fast TT can break


Alright, enough time wasted on that. I’ve got two questions for ya….

  • How does one pack liquor?

Before you tell me “you don’t pack liquor, you drink it”. Allow me to explain to you that it’s been in the cupboard above the fridge since we moved in here, 2 years ago. It was carefully moved from our other house in grocery bags but that was only across town, not 2 states.
Maybe the better question is, “does liquor go bad?” It’s pretty old.

  • When is it okay to say screw the dishes and just pack them all?

I’m fine with take-out. Washing dishes sucks. We’re getting down to the wire and I’m nervous that we’re going to have all those last minute things to deal with, I would prefer that dishes aren’t one of them. In other words… I just need permission to pack them all šŸ˜‰

What’s the proper protocol here?

That’s it for today friends… I’m packing… and resting…
8 days left. Go figure that I would get sick
(anybody getting the ‘go figure/figure 8 reference’?) lol