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Yikes!! 9 days

It was at this time 9 years ago that I wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards. That’s when preparations for moving to California were in full swing. When you’re moving with your Ex (yeah, you read that right), your 12 year old daughter, 6 dogs and 4 cats you must plan everything out to the very last detail.

There is no way for me to emphasize how much of a planner I AM NOT! Typically I’m a ‘seat of your pants’ type of gal. I call it ‘spontaneity’, it sounds more intentional 😉

The first step was to request a transfer with my company.
I was a corporate manager for 7-11 in Spokane. I loved my job and the only issues I had to deal with on a consistent basis was trying to get one of my employees to shower regularly. Talk about cliche. Blecht, some peoples kids!


As the stores in California are primarily owned and ran by franchisee’s, I was to assume a new role, “Franchisee Liaison”. That didn’t happen. Instead I became the rescuer of sinking stores or corporate buy backs. I pretty much loved it when I was in Norwalk, then they transferred me to Inglewood, then to Lynwood. Cue life altering robbery. 3 months off to recover (somewhat). Transferred back to Inglewood. More robberies. Yeah… I can be non-sensical.

Anyway, that all came much later. Let’s get back to the “planning”

The brilliant plan was to move down to California.
From Spokane.
1600 miles.

Looking back, I have no idea how any of it worked.

Gas money budget.
Split hotel money.
Packing and purging.

The big plan that we focused on was the going away party. A nice send off at our favorite bar with a bunch of buddies and drag queens.
Lots of booze.
Tons of fun.
Hangover on truck loading day.
Great start to the new adventure!

What should we have been putting more thought into?
Perhaps a decent place to live?
Nawww… we had a camper parked on the lawn of my exes BOSS!
Were we brain dead? Seriously, what was I thinking??

Sleep in a camper on your exes, bosses lawn?
With all these pets?
And a 12yo daughter?
And your ex. Who mysteriously has a girlfriend – already- it’s been a month

Am I painting you a good picture of responsibility and rational behavior?
Oh good. I’d hate for you to see me as a complete dumbass.
How long after 25 can one have a quarter life crisis?

As I’m sure you can predict, things went smoothly…
There wasn’t any arguing or bitterness.
There wasn’t record breaking rainfall.
The camper we lived in didn’t leak.
There wasn’t a sock on the camper door 4 days a week.
Yep. Months of complete bliss.

My daughter and I eventually moved out.
To live in a garage.
With a Samoan family.
The entire family.
18 people.
And yes, it turned out they were Gangsters.


No need to call child services, my daughter is grown now. She survived and we laugh about it from time to time. Plus, she actually has some awesome stories to tell. I made that happen for her. Call me her muse if you will 😉

So… here we are. 9 years later.

This circle has been completed.

A new adventure begins…