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If you’re keeping track you’re aware that today is #10 on the countdown.

I have to admit… I’m feeling a bit panicked today. There’s only TEN days to pack this house! I’m half afraid we’re just going to be throwing stuff on the truck Willy Nilly and hoping for the best. Sheesh, moving totally sucks but I’ve gotta keep my eyes on the prize… cooking Thanksgiving dinner in our new house will be TOTALLY AWESOME! Plus there’s a gazillion other good things to look forward to as well.

Music is the ONE thing that is the most consistent in helping me do whatever is necessary at the time whether it be settling down, speeding up or expressing emotion.

Ever since I came down to Los Angeles when I was in 9th grade, I had wanted to live in Cali. I felt like it was truly the place for me. Like my life would “really” start or something. It was planned 10 years ago and executed September 2004.

The following are 10 videos that basically sum up the last 10 years of my life. It’s crazy to look back at all the changes. Guess it was a good thing it took 10 years or I might’ve become more bonkers than I am šŸ˜‰

Let me know which videos you watched, if any.
What do they mean to you?

2003-Ā  Puddle of Mud – She Hates Me
Yeah… bummer.

2004- Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You
One good turn, deserves another. No hostility here, nope.

2005- All American Rejects – Move Along
Was working 80-100 hour weeks and just had to keep going. Played this everyday on my way to work and in my office…. very, very loudly!

2006- Taking Back Sunday – Make Damn sure
Obsession or Possession. Don’t think either of us cared for awhile then yeah, that turned out bad. Crazy bitch. Like really. Crazier than me. Hard, I know šŸ˜‰

2007- OneRepublic – Goodbye Apathy
Realized that I was head over heels in love and was willing to do anything. Best choice I’ve ever made! Oh, and I quit smoking, that was a good choice too.

2008- A Quiet Mind – Blue October
After a lot of fallout from previous situations, anxiety got the better of me (still has me to some degree) but I had support and someone that helped keep my mind level.

2009- Katy Perry/ Firework
Our son was born on July 4th so yeah… it’s his theme song

2010- Paramore – The Only Exception
She really is the only exception

2011- Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
Yeah, I’m a Twilight geek but the song speaks to me in other ways as well.

2012- OneRepublic – Feel Again
I’m not sure if I’ve conveyed it enough but I’ve got some issues. Depression, anxiety, ptsd… I’m sure there’s more that could be added to the list. The point is, I check out emotionally sometimes but my love is always there waiting and coaxing me back. I’m very lucky to have someone that cares for ALL of me. The good and bad.

2013- Fun – Carry On
Who are these guys kidding? They’re not really all that fun but boy oh boy can they get into your soul and have you singing an anthem of the moment.