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Go ahead and make a wish, I know you want to… I’ll wait.


What’d you wish for?

Not gonna tell me?

Fine, be that way.

All sorts of people have little hang ups with numbers. Maybe a number stands out to them like a sore thumb and they avoid it at all costs (you never see the 13th floor, right?) or they have a favorite set that they like to play on lotto tickets. That being said, it’s no surprise that when people see the clock at 11:11 they instantly make a wish.

I bet you thought about making a wish just because I suggested it huh?
No? Well… make a wish now.


Remember all the hullabaloo about 11/11/11? People were doing whatever they could to have a baby born on that day. Some planned weddings. I totally get that. Seems like it would be easier to remember the anniversary. I need all the help I can get in that department. Yeah, I suck.

I find it hard to like odd numbers. You can’t divide them up nice and tidy and in school I sure despised long division with remainders. I’m odd enough, I don’t need to add anything to the equation. (See what I did there?)

11:11 isn’t my thing but today is #11 on the countdown.
Wanna know how I tie it into my favorite number?
The one I do make wishes on??
It’s a long and winding path but it makes perfect sense to me.

As you learned in yesterday’s blog “On the 12th day of Countdown”, my birthday is December 22nd.  That’s 12/22… on the clock it’s 12:22. I see this number all the time! It’s my birthday number and it stands out.

How is this like 11:11? Well, let me explain a little something to you- For someone that doesn’t like math I will go round and round in my head until I somehow find or make a number that will coincide with 12 or 22.

Follow me here… (Math geniuses may skip this section)

If 12 is equal to 1/2 by adding a slash (12 = 1/2)
and 11 is half of 22
then 12:22 is equal to 11
The trick is to then do the same equation again
It takes two 12:22’s to come up with one 11:11
That’s why I get to make TWO wishes while everyone else only gets one. Suckas


Were you able to follow that?

No? Sorry, you can’t be a card carrying member of my club but you are still allowed to attend meetings and are expected to pay dues 😉

Yes?! Oh yay… we will be great friends and you won’t call me crazy when I stare at numbers and work my obsessive magic. Alright, you might call me crazy but it’s ok, my kind of crazy can be a lot of fun!


Alright my friends,
I must get busy doing something productive.
After all, there is only