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My true love gave to me– Lucille’s Barbeque!
And it was super tasty! The last time we had bbq (that wasn’t on a friends grill) the service was, meh, and the food was not worth the cash.
Not the case today. Apparently the master of the barbeque was on the payroll today. Thank goodness.

You know when you’re about to leave a familiar area and you’re not gonna be back for awhile and you really want to go out to eat (or order take-out) from all the places that won’t be available in the new area?
You do that right? I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.

ImageAnyway, with only 12 days left, I’m trying to prioritize food choices. There are things here that you can’t get in Washington– For instance, In ‘n Out. It’s not like it’s the worlds best burger or anything or that something similar can’t be found where we’re going, it’s more the principle and that it’s like a California landmark of sorts.
Lucille’s BBQ is also one of those things that we won’t find at our new home. I’m sure if I hit up Yelp, perhaps I could find something better and cheaper but they wouldn’t have the old fashioned banana pudding and if they attempted it… bah. I can scratch that one off the list.

Alright, enough about food. I’m so full right now πŸ˜‰

Today’s countdown is brought to you by one of my favorite months– December!


Who doesn’t just love December?
I mean, it doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate, the air of happiness is around. People smile more at the shopping centers, even though they are stressed to the max. There’s time with family, even when relatives might drive you to the wine cellar. There’s giving and receiving of gifts and all the tacky gifts make for good laughs once you get a moment away from the gifter.

December is also my BIRTHDAY!!!
December 22nd! Mark it on your calendar people πŸ˜‰
I love my birthday. I don’t particularly like that I’m getting older but hey, I’m getting wiser as well… umm, I think anyway.


Ok… so there ya have it and now day number 12 is almost over. Was a great day even though we missed a birthday party due to Mr. Munchkin’s fever and we even had visitors despite his mystery illness πŸ™‚
Hope you all had a great day as well, see ya tomorrow!