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I’m not very superstitious… perhaps paranoid but not superstitious.
I mean, I like black cats and don’t find them creepy at all. Well, there was the neighbor’s cute kitty that wanted to come in to visit last summer. Having a laser for an eye does add to the creep factor…

ImageAs I’m sure every single one of you know, Taylor Swift’s favorite number is 13.
You didn’t know that?
Just me? Hmm… ok then, now you know.

My 20-something self would literally be choking me out with a Metallica t-shirt right now for having that bit of knowledge!
How times have changed.

Today’s countdown number is 13.
There are only 13 more packing days!

In honor of lucky number 13, I have dedicated this countdown blog to Tswizzle.
She’s somewhat of a hero in this house.
Mr. Munchkin is not a great appreciator of music but he can “Name That Tune” on the first note when we put onΒ Trouble.

I am a lover of music. A good singer/songwriter will get my money (well, my honey’s money, haha).
I’ve always just really loved artists.
Creativity is inspiring.
Creativity with drive is awing.

It’s true that Taylor has some issue’s with pitch but you’ve got to admire the girl for following her dreams. She writes her own music, sings her own songs and has a hand in most areas of her operations. I respect all the hard work that she has put in to be so successful and to (mostly) sing on key.

While I do love to listen to her dating woes, I certainly wouldn’t date the girl unless a contract was signed and I got a good chunk of change for record sales– I’m positive my kind of crazy would fill an entire album!

Ok, you’ve suffered through my pathetic information so here’s your reward πŸ˜›