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Only 15 days left!
MMMMM…. Thanks for the suggestion Telly, pie sounds awesome!  Fifteen might just be enough.
Oh, and some ice cream. Gotta have that.
Oh, and some chips- a little salty to balance the sweet.
Can you tell I’m craving comfort food?
Not stressed at all here 😉sesamestreet_coloring_15_telly

What am I currently working on?
Glad you asked. I would love to share the world of moving a teacher and geek.
Don’t worry, geek’s not a bad word in this house. Mommy wears the title proudly!

You may live with a geek…

When you have boxes and boxes of wires and accessories

aka, cellphone graveyard


When you keep old (realllllllyyyy  old) laptops for sentimental reasons. I think the “Lifebook” was the first laptop EVER created, don’t quote me on that 😉


If you continue to move a massive computer from house to house because there’s info on the hard drive …that hasn’t been missed for over 5 years 😉


If you are on a first name basis with Dell operators.
Here are 2 of the 3 useable Dell desktops in the house.

delljunkyIf you have a key chain just for flash drives and yet manage to find them in randomly throughout the house in shoe boxes, dresser drawers, coffee cups and of course desks.
Here’s the designated key chain. Notice how it’s only holding 3?!


If you have a box designated for routers that will be filled “Tetris” style so one box will be enough


If you have stacks, shelves and boxes full of computer books that may or may not be useable due to advances in the computer industry


That’s it in a nutshell.
Lots of books, wires, computers and accessories.
Will there ever be an end to this??? …Nope!
It’s her job.
It’s her passion.