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Cue Star Wars Music…
—Daaa dum, dadadaDAAAAAAdum, dadadaDAAAAAAdum, dadada daaaaa

Have I mentioned to any of you just how much I love Lego Star Wars for the WII? Well, I love it A LOT (voice of Ace Ventura). It’s fun and can be played in front of or better yet, with Mr. Munchkin (I can beat him… for now). Considering this kid can’t seem to use a spoon, he’s actually not that bad at the video game. Well, there was that one time that we battled against each other and I kept turning his guy into Lego studs and he hollered, “don’t get me, we’re best friends!” (I was Skywalker and he was Darth Maul). I’m sure it won’t be too far in the future and he’ll be explaining who’s who and get frustrated that I haven’t paid much attention to the movies since Return of the Jedi.

Mr. Munchkin playing Wii Lego Star Wars

Mr. Munchkin playing Wii Lego Star Wars

Has he ever seen Star Wars? No. That will all come in due time. He’s not ready for that kind of thing yet. Has that stopped him from owning all the “guys”? Not in the least. Thanks to Star Wars Angry Birds and Lego Star Wars, we have quite the collection of people… some in the shape of Angry Birds or piggies, and don’t get me started on the Lego people, so many! Yoda is sooooo cute!

Take him out Yoda!

Take him out Yoda!

Along with Star Wars, the geniuses at Lego HQ have an extensive Superhero collection (my favorite) and our latest purchase was Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor is using Wonder Woman as bait over the "banana of doom" to lure Superman closer

Lex Luthor is using Wonder Woman as bait over the “banana of doom” to lure Superman closer

Has the little guy seen any Superhero movies? Nah. Heck, I played an animated Superman show for him one day and he exclaimed “this shows a little bit scary for me. It’s just for grown up kids.” I’m excited to watch superhero movies with the kids, but I can wait. I want them to be able to appreciate them as much as I do, not be traumatized watching bad guys trying to hurt their favorite good guys.

In the meantime we play with Legos and learn about the good guys and bad guys through imaginative play, controlled by the player. The amount of hours that Mr. Munchkin devotes to these miniature people is astounding. The amount of time I spend rescuing Lego heroes from the floor, from Miss Munchkin’s teeny hands or the dogs mouth should classify me as super enough for a Lego line of my own… Super Momma TT… I can see the tiny version of myself now- short little legs like Yoda, a cape like Superman and a baseball hat.

Alright, alright... no 6-packwell, one in the fridge but you get the idea :P

Alright, alright… there won’t be a 6-pack —
well, one in the fridge but you get the idea 😛

Mommy is a bit of a Lego nut. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if I came home one day to a liveable Lego constructed home! Momma TT, on the other hand, has a hard time following a 3 page pictorial pamphlet on putting together a freakin car! One day I will master this ‘engineering’.

Yep! That about covers it!

Yep! That about covers it!

Until then, I’ll be the one to gather fallen pieces; sadly tell our son that he’ll have to wait til Mommy comes home for Lego vehicle repairs; watch the cat swish them off the table and rush to the rescue to save their tiny lives from consumption by the dog or Miss Munchkin. My reward for all of this of course—– STEPPING ON THEM!!!