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 Image When the cat’s away, it’s time to play!

I don’t know what it is about me but whenever Mommy is gone and the kids are in bed I want to watch a scary movie. I don’t really like being scared and I certainly don’t likImagee dealing with the aftermath of a scary show, as I’m like an 8 year old that wants to pull the covers up to my nose and hide from the boogeyman. There are plenty of real life situations I’ve lived through to have nightmares about so something as simple as CSI will scare the bejesus out of me. I’m a total wimp!

So, the kids are asleep, Mommy is on her way to a conference, it’s 9pm and I decide that watching “The Cabin in the Woods” is a great idea. Yeah, I know *shaking head*. I didn’t even make it to a scary part! Seriously, maybe 10 minutes. A girl is packing a bag and I’m like, “oh, I see where this is going”. The music changed and, “hmm… sounds like it’s going to start getting freaky… aggghhh.” I changed the channel! Chicken!!

The house seemed eerily quiet at 11pm so I thought it best to just go to bed rather than expect my trusty dog, Miles, to protect me from the shadows in my mind. He’s probably more of a scaredy cat than I am!

ImageFalling asleep is usually a non-issue for me; I play a game or two of Scramble With Friends and my eyes are heavy. If that doesn’t work, I open the Kindle and read one line and I’m out! Of course that wasn’t the case last night! Of course!

We co-sleep, so everyone has their designated space but since Mommy was gone, I was supposed to sleep in her spot. I don’t know about all of you but I’m pretty addicted to my side of the bed. I sleep on my left side because my right knee is so jacked up and also because I can see everyone from my position. But, Mommy wanted me in-between the munchkins so I moved my blankets (yes, I have my own) and my pillows to the other side of the bed and tried to get cozy. Four Scramble games later, I wasImage still wide awake. That’s when I remembered that I didn’t drink my magnesium concoction that helps me relax.
Do I go downstairs and do it now? Nahhhh… I’ll be fine. Famous last words!

2:30am comes along and I’m still not sleeping. I’ve given it my best effort but just couldn’t keep my eyes closed so I head to the kitchen and make up my magnesium drink, choke it down (it’s sour as hell) and head back upstairs to bed. This is when I decide that I need to move back to my side. Time to move my blankets and pillows again.
As I’m getting comfy, I look over and Mr. Munchkin is sitting up. The space between him and I seems like the Grand Canyon so I tell him to scooch closer. He grabbed his blanket and pillow (haha, the more I write about our blankets, the funnier it is to me) and fell back to sleep… or so I thought!

Fast forward to 4am. I’ve now actually been sleeping for almost an hour when Stitch (the cat) starts meowing so loud I thought he would wake up the neighborhood. I got up, shooed him out of the room and went to lay down but decided I should pee. You know that once the idea is there, it’s just best to get it over with.
As I return from the bathroom, I notice the lights are on downstairs. I start to freak out a bit and run through my mind if I left the light on. Of course not! Did Mommy come home? What the hell? I go back in the bedroom and check my phone for a text but as I suspected there wasn’t one. That’s when I see that Mr. Munchkin’s blanket is balled up, giving the appearance of a small boy but there wasn’t one!! Aaaaaggghhhh!! No wonder the cat was screaming!

When I got downstairs there was a 3 1/2 year old boy peeking Imageover the couch at me. In one hand he was holding Lego Superman and in the other Wonderwoman. This little boy had opened the door (which he conveniently can’t do when asked), went downstairs– in the dark (yet another thing he won’t do), and was playing Legos, alone! Are you kidding me?!?!
I begin coaxing him back to bed but it wasn’t easy.
Me: “You need to get back in bed sir”
Him: “I’m not a sir”
Me: “C’mon honey, let’s go to bed”
Him: “I think I’m a little bit hungry.”
Me: “Honey, it’s still dark- breakfast isn’t for a long time”
Him: “But my tummy says it’s time”
Me: “I’ll give you a banana, then it’s right back to bed”

After the banana was finished, he went upstairs but told me the entire way up that he wasn’t tired. MmmmHmmmm… Two minutes after laying him down and rolling him in his blanket “like a burrito” per his request, he was out cold! Thank goodness!

Finally snuggled back in my blanket, I close my eyes. It seemed as though I had just fallen asleep and Miss Munchkin screamed! Not just once but for several minutes. I pat her back, rub her tummy, sing Twinkle, Twinkle. Nothing seems to be working to calm her down and I’m getting worried that she’s going to wake her brother. All of us starting our day at 5am after such a rough night, would not be good. As I’m debating whether I should take her downstairs or not, she puts her hand in mine and starts to relax. I give the insides of her palm some gentle squeezes and miraculously, a few sniffles later, she’s back to sleep. Once her breathing pattern changes and sounds restful, I sneak my hand away. I can finally arrange my pillows properly and sleep. AAAaaaahhhhhh…..


Oh… is it 7:15 already?? Seems like we’ve been sleeping for almost 2 whole hours!
Good Morning Kids! I sure love youuuuu! =P
Tonight we go to bed early!!