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switchedIt’s been a weird day here. By weird I mean, opposite. It’s like the kids have somehow released a magic vapor from one of their toys and switched characteristics.

Any given day Missleaningmads2 Munchkin can come off as a bit lazy. She leans on anyone or anything that’s near to her. She is often seen sitting and reading, sitting and playing with her dollhouse, sitting with her Weebles. Oh, and napping.  She also has a more active routine that includes, pulling dirty clothes out of the hamper and dragging them around, searching for that one particular car or Little People by throwing them one by one on the floor and there is the ever so popular shopping cart that she pushes throughout the house gathering all sorts of crap, mostly trash right out of the trashcan (did I leave the lid open, AGAIN?). I would say she maintains a good balance of activity vs. downtime but in comparison to her brother, she looks like she’s moving in slow motion.

Mr. Munchkin doesn’t leave any room in his daily actions for one to think that he even has a lazy thought. He’s constantly running, jumping, talking, touching, and even all of those things at the same time. It’s exhausting just to watch. His energy level doesn’t let up. He’s like that ALL. DAY. LONG. EVERYDAY!jumpinglog

Except right now…

Today, our active, fast, loud, sensory son is mellow! Raise the warning flags… is he sick? What is the matter? Never mind the fact that we questioned his behavior when more than a few days went by in which he exhibited twice as much energy as usual and his sensory issues were off the charts. Maybe he’s just balancing out again.

Ahhhh…. a little relief from the hustle and bustle.

…………………..Hold that thought………………

Miss Munchkin, with both hands clutching some dirty clothes, just ran into the sliding glass door and fell on her bottom. She RAN. She didn’t stop. She RAN right into the slider! A few tears later and she’s up and RUNNING again. What is going on?

She just threw a handful of Legos at the dollhouse. She’s now standing on her brother’s sensory mat and jumping. JUMPING! Of course she’s not coordinated for this type of activity and she’s falling –a lot– but it’s the fact that she’s doing it at all that is surprising me.

Oh, and she’s found her voice. Lovely. Any of you remember Dumb and Dumber? Yep, that is the noise she’s making!

My pain is your pain, you’re welcome 😛

So, today is opposite’s day. The kids are playing Oscar worthy roles of each other… at least until naptime. Maybe things will switch back to the norm after Miss Munchkin has slept…