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Valentine’s Day

The day of love…


…And Barking…

(Mr. Munchkin is playing ‘chase the dog’ with his RC car)


…And Crying…

(I told Mr. Munchkin to leave the dog alone. I’m such a meany)


…And every 15 minutes I’m shooing the cat away from the homemade flower bouquet I made for mommy. Why you ask? Because I looked everywhere for something to put in the bottom of the glass to hold the plastic straws and the only thing I could come up with was marshmallows (What?? I’m innovative)

Stitchy goes CRAZY for marshmallows!


…And there’s laundry to wash and fold (notice how I didn’t say put away?)

Floors to vacuum

Kids to play with

Dinner to make– nothing says love like TT’s chicken tacos..

…And of course, chocolate! Chocolate says love in every language! 😀

Um… Ms. Munchkin? That’s mine!


Even  though it’s just another Thursday in MommyDom, I have an AMAZING sweetheart and all of my munchkins are the greatest Valentine’s presents ever!

All three of my kids… my wish is that you know on any given day of the week, throughout the year, my love for you grows and feels like 365 days of Valentine’s.

My wish for all of you is that you can give and receive love like everyday is Valentine’s Day!