Sometimes there is no knowledge of a beginning…

We’re together in a rented car, in a landmark area. We travel along hoping to end up at the ocean, watch some waves, feel the breeze, taste the salty air, share a moment together admiring beauty.

While heading to this destination there was no thought of “this will be the beginning of a new life”, it was just a drive together; her with an aching back and me with a bad sense of direction. It was just a quick drive down to the shoreline for a little r&r.

I hop out of the car to grab the wheelchair. She hobbles to her feet (I told you her back was aching… understatement!) She carefully sits in it and we make the trek down the little path until we hit sand… that’s when I use my superpowers to get us to a good spot near the awesomely, snarled tree. It looked like it had been there for hundreds of years, beckoning couples to share a moment of love.

As we settle in, me catching my superbreath and using my cape to dab at the sweat on the back of my neck, we look up to see the ocean lapping at the sandy beach. There are people walking here and there, holding hands, smiling and the feeling is magical, a bit electric with potential. Still there was no thought that this was a “beginning”, just a sunset at the beach, in an unfamiliar town.

Then there was that moment… the one where the sun collided with the ocean. I swear there was rising steam as the two met, not unlike a new relationship. The sky, with its sunset glow, changed from blue to a variety of purples, reds and oranges and tinged the edges of the sparse clouds with a soft pink. The wind blew in a new crispness, just a slight change in degree but enough to send a warning of the cool air coming shortly. It darkens just a bit more, adding a new variety of shades to the present colors. Slowly it all takes on a heavy feel. The colors fall into the ocean, like sinking into a blanket.

All of this transpires in minutes. There’s a photo taken, a discrete kiss shared and discussion of heading back to the car but we sit, hand in hand, not knowing that this moment that we are sharing is one that will live in my memory, in my heart forever as the ONE sunset that was a new beginning. I had seen many before but no memories with them hold as much value, as much intensity, as much hope as that one sunset that was perfect in its imperfection.

…that is how our “superlittletales” adventure began…………..

(Monterey, Ca. 10/21/08)