Seeing the Mountain



SuperPeeps… it has been too long. I apologize for my absence here.
If you are a fan of my Facebook page, you know we are still moseying along in our superhero world. If you aren’t, well, now you know and I appreciate you reading even if you’re pissed off because I’ve vanished for so long.

Here’s the thing…
I’ve got to start writing again and I just don’t know how.
Somewhere along the line I’ve lost confidence in my writing voice. I always think I have so much to say– when I’m in the shower. Pen and paper, computers and phones, none of these are particularly fond of water so I tell myself “remember this” and yeah, that never happens the way I would like. I have started many posts and then get distracted. When I go back to finish, it doesn’t seem genuine, or current, or… something. It ends up where all of my unpublished words go to die… the draft folder.
I figured the best way to start was to just… start. Here goes nothin’

The other day I picked Mr. Munchkin up from day camp. He had a great time and was telling me all about it then WHAM! Major meltdown. Like probably the worst he’s ever had. On the way home my heart was breaking. I was teary, fearful for his future, consumed with confusion, just all around stressed out!

When we crossed the bridge, I looked to the right and there it was… Mt. Rainier.
Its snowy peak stretching over the two tiny clouds that were sitting alone in the sky. I smiled.
Despite the anxiety and emotional coaster roller I was riding, I smiled. Despite the fear of what our child may or may not face in his future, I was able to let go for a moment and just revel in the beauty that surrounds me daily, grateful that I was able to feel it when I needed it most.

That’s when I realized that I always look for the Mountain. Always.
I look when it’s raining and the wipers are on high.
I look when it’s foggy and brake lights on the car in front of me a barely visible.
I look when the clouds are dispersed like an unfinished puzzle.
I look through trees and around curves.
I always look.
…And when I see it, I always smile.

Many times it’s completely pointless to look, I know that it’s not going to be visible through the downpour or in the dark but that doesn’t stop me from turning towards its fixed location. Maybe, just maybe I’ll see the outline, or something, you never know. So I look.

I’m not religious. In fact, I have a lot of problems around the subject of God. That being said, the feeling I get from seeing Mt. Rainier must be similar to what people describe about the peace and comfort they get from their Higher Power. Maybe this is a bit of a stretch? I would say yeah but the fact that I seek it out, the fact that I smile at its beauty and majesty every single time, tells me different. There is something about that Mountain that makes me feel connected. A tiny little particle among an infinite number of particles and somehow I feel significant, if for nothing else, maybe just to that little boy in the back seat.

Is there something that always makes you smile?
What do you seek?

Mt. Rainier and Reflection Lake from our trip July '13

Mt. Rainier and Reflection Lake from our trip July ’13

the day before THE day


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Tomorrow will be 8 years.
I want to be better.
I want to leave it in the past.
I want to focus on the positives.

I also want to hide under the covers but my bed is not a safe zone.
I don’t like staying in bed.
I want to clean everything.
I will clean everything, then I will suffer the effects but the distraction will serve it’s purpose.
I want to stay numb and feel at the same time.
I want to feel just enough that I don’t get caught up and consumed by the intensity.

Today I’m distracting.
Yesterday I was argumentative about my feelings.
The day before I was numbing my brain with dumb movies.

What will tomorrow hold? I have no idea.
I will be leaving the house.
I can do that now… that’s improvement and I’m grateful to have come far enough that the fear isn’t as paralyzing.

Wonder what the hell I’m talking about?
Here’s a link to my old blogger account and last years blog.
“Glad You’re Alive Day”
I just don’t have the staying power to write something that will take longer than 5-10 minutes.
I’m in distraction mode and I’m liking it!

…And Then…


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Picture you’re heading out the door.
Maybe a little more rushed than usual or maybe it’s one of those days that everything is lining up and you’ve got all the time in the world to get where you need to be.

What do you do?
Do you holler a “love you” as the door is closing behind you?
Do you plant a kiss on the top of a head or two and saunter off?
Do you say anything?

What about your Facebook?
What was the last thing you posted?
Candy crush achievement?
Rant about somebody in the coffee line?
Is there a new pic sharing a bit of what kind of day you’re having?

What about Twitter?
How many characters was your last tweet?
Did you favorite something and retweet it?
Mention someone that shares your taste in wine and say “cheers”?

How about phone calls, voice mails, text messages…
Did you answer the call? Did you listen to the voice mail? Reply to the text?
Maybe your coworker is picking up coffee on their way in and wants to know if you want cream and sugar.
The voice mail might be a bill collector.
Perhaps the text is the forgotten items that didn’t make the grocery list.

So you’ve left the house in whatever manner it was.
You’ve posted on Facebook, sent a tweet, made or received a phone call.
The text has been sent.

And then…

you’re gone.

That last interaction will be out there, frozen in time.
Whether it was heartfelt, trivial or mindless entertainment, it was a part of your existence and will become a thread of connection to those that will have to carry on without you.

The last post that PopPop shared on his wall

The last post that PopPop shared on his wall

Through social media and constantly advancing technology, a part of us will live on.
Sites become a memorial of sorts.
Loved ones that remain are given the opportunity to share their disbelief, the ways that you touched their lives, a birthday wish, a moment of sadness, a triumph.

Electronics allow us to replay moments of life that were precious.
Those last voice or text messages that held significance, for whatever reason, are read and played over and over. It doesn’t matter how mundane the topic, there is a sense of security in knowing that at some point, you mattered -they mattered.

When a loved one passes it prompts us to take a look at what we’ve ranked as important in our own lives.
We evaluate our last discussions and work schedules.
We spend more quality time with our family and friends.
We’re more free with our “I love you’s”
We stand face to face with our own mortality and it takes us to a place of reflection.

There is so little that I accept or appreciate about death but the ability to really look inside myself and see where I am in the big scheme of things, seems to come easy when the pain of loss is fresh. The treasured moments that come to the surface are heartwarming and breaking at the same time.

And then…

I learn to live again

It’s times like these, I learn to live again

Bye-Bye Poppa PopPop


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The munchkins lost their PopPop.

It’s shocking. Devastating. Sad.
I can’t even put into words all the things it is because I just can’t think.

I’m so very sad.
Sad for his wife.
Sad for his son and daughter.
Sad for our kids
Sad for all his grandkids.
Sad for us.
Sad for everyone that he has touched because he was truly a special person.
Creative, funny and inviting.
He has the type of personality that drew you in and once you allowed yourself to believe that you were “there” with him, you were there.
Like, really there.
No half assed acceptance.
You were family.

He loved music and shared stories about his lifetime of awesome concert experiences and the joy that he got from his favorite bands. When Mr. Munchkin was brand new to this world he made him a cd full of music that had touched him at some point in his life and believed that a new member of this world needed to hear.

He made our kids a priority. He made them feel special and showed them as much love as a person could, like Poppa’s do.
He cuddled them every chance he got.
He played in the sand with them and climbed rocks.
He played Legos and bottle fed dolly’s.

Shoot, he showed me love. Accepted me. Made me feel special.
He was like that with everyone.
It was a gift.
He was a gift.
A moment with him and that magnetic personality drew you in, warmed your spirit and had you laughing til the tears were flowing.

Tears are flowing now because we will miss this amazing man.
Go in peace PopPop.
We will look for you in the beauty that surrounds us


I Have A Confession


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Forgive me blog friends, for I have sinned… it’s been 2 months and 7 days since my last blog post.

Since I’m confessing, I might as well be honest here and say that I’m about to shamelessly link up the latest blogs. Alright, there might be a teensy bit of shame. I mean, it is a pretty big “sin” for a blogger to have such a huge gap when their usual style is to fill in details of current life. Whip me with a wet rice noodle but keep reading 😉
If you haven’t read the linked blogs, here’s your chance to catch up. If you have read them, you can refresh your memories or move on down to the new stuff.

The Sidewalk Chalk Selfie was a monumental moment for our family. I’m sure everyone thinks that their child’s first drawing is a big deal, we’re no different, ours just came a bit later than typical.
Four Fourths Makes a Whole, gives a nice little breakdown of our journey with Mr. Munchkin and thoughts about him turning 4.
Love Always Prevails. What can I say about this one? It was a breakthrough for human beings everywhere. Validation for families like mine.

When was it that things took a little turn? When did I lose my spark?
I think the answer can be found back in early June.
Keep the Flashlight Close, is a look at my depression and the warning signs that I sometimes notice a bit too late. When depression hit, it became harder to share inspiration. My daily life was filled with inspiring moments and plenty of laughter but my creative ability to share it was limited. Time constraints muddled my thoughts and left me feeling overwhelmed. All posts that were started, ended up being abandoned… and you, my awesome SuperPeeps were left in the dark.

But Alas! I have returned!

So, what have you all missed? Oh, not much… just two months of life 😉

Allow me to catch you up with a pictorial timeline…

Ms. Big moved in.
Here is a pic of a wall in her room. You might ask why this is significant… because this is the ONLY room in the house that has anything on the walls. She’s been here since the end of August and has “personalized” her space. We’ve owned the home since last year and have yet to hang anything. haha


Miss Munchkin had her first haircut.
I shed some tears. I know, weird but seriously, it got to me.


We took a road trip to Cali and this pic pretty much explains most of our driving experiences. You’d think we would have learned our lesson from last years road trip in which we drove nearly 8,000 miles. Clearly we’re glutton’s for punishment 😉


Mommy had a birthday.
Once the kids were in bed, we ate a nice homemade meal of red wine braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, creamy bacon brussel sprouts and topped it off with a super tasty cake.
I won’t tell you how old she is but the 2 birthday candles signify the 2 years since Miss Munchkin was born when she turned 40 😉


Miss Munchkin turned 2… two days after Mommy.
Yeah, her birthday won’t easily get forgotten. She’ll get the guilt thing when she’s older… “I spent my 40th birthday in the hospital thinking we were going to share a birthday” 😉

2ndbirthday candlesmadi

So… there you have it. All up to date and we can now move on
I’ve made my confession and paid the penance… I’m forgiven now right? …Right? 😉

What have all you amazing SuperPeeps been up to?
I’ve missed you, fill me in on your lives!

The Sidewalk Chalk Selfie


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It’s a beautiful day. A little too warm for me but hey, in the Seattle area, you thank the sun for a good dose of vitamin D every chance you get. As the baby slept, Mr. Munchkin and I played in the backyard.

We’ve really been pushing the heavy work activities as part of his sensory diet and today was no exception. He got to use Momma TT’s shovel to dig. This was a true test of my patience. Who knew trying to explain how to move dirt from one place to another could be so difficult. Learning to balance weight to a child that has very little sense of self or balance… that’s a tough task to master but he started getting the hang of it.

After our yard work, he took a few trips down the slide (when I had rid the play set of all eight-legged inhabitants), did some swinging and then sat on the porch with some sidewalk chalk and drew a picture.

The picture is monumental.


Well… for us anyway.

I have known plenty of 4 year olds that can draw a cute picture of their family and the representation is pretty accurate. Ms. Big was like that… and then some. Tell her to draw you something and she would run off with her crayons and come back with a masterpiece.

Mr. Munchkin is not one of those kids. He has to work pretty hard to hold a crayon in a position that will allow him versatility to form a shape. After several weeks of practice, he’s made some serious improvement and today -ALL BY HIMSELF- he drew a selfie.

I was so surprised and overwhelmed with pride.

I was also shocked and amazed.

I ran inside, grabbed my phone and came back out to snap a pic. In the moment that it took me to unplug my phone from the charger, he added Mommy to the pic!

*insert blubbering Momma TT*

Yes. I cried. Happy tears but honestly, I think it freaked him out for a second.
“Are you hurt TT?”
“No honey, my heart is just so happy.”
“Oh, ok. Soooo, this is me… and this is mommy… and these are my fingers because I’m giving her a squeeze…”

Allow me to point  a few things out…


His “fingers” are on the left side of mommy’s head. There’s 4 of them.
Mommy has no arms but she has two long legs to make up for it and she has a big smile because her little boy is giving her a hug.

Mr. Munchkin has 1 eye,  2 short legs and 1 really long arm… “My super arm can get things for you TT. Do you need me to get you something?” (is he already aware of my height limitations?)
“No, I’m fine thanks. What’s that on the top of your picture?”
“That’s my hair… not too many so we don’t have to comb it.”

Ok… that got me! So much thought behind his picture. In my opinion, he executed it perfectly and the story continued for over half an hour. He added to the picture and told me everything that was happening in his story. Eventually most things got incorporated into a mess of scribbles but what a glorious first drawing of something recognizable!

Four Fourths Makes A Whole- Our Journey With Mr. Munchkin


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I was amazed… and in shock… and amazed and definitely in shock when I saw the positive pregnancy test.

I cried when we saw his little heartbeat for the first time.

I cried when we went to our first ultrasound. There were many ultrasounds-many! The most memorable was when I leaned over Mommy’s belly, talked to him and he turned his head towards my voice, moved my way and gave us a little wave. I was a sniffly mess.

I cried when things got scary.
Mommy’s blood pressure was getting higher and having experienced nearly dying due to Toxemia when I was pregnant with Ms. Big, I knew there were risks of losing them both and I was freaked out.

I cried at the kindness of our doctor. She comforted me when I was scared and really is the most knowledgeable, compassionate and funny doctor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I cried my eyes out when I saw that little boy for the first time. Mommy’s chin and lips. The family hairline. It was all so powerfully overwhelming and awesome.

I didn’t used to be a ball of mush but somehow this little boy that I never knew I was missing, has softened me.

Four years after his birth, I watch him sleep.
His lips stay slightly open and he has the same little snore.
So much innocence.
He’s just so beautiful.

The first three years we watched with some worry…
-little cars lined up in a perfect row
-eyes focused on anything with wheels, watching them spin and spin
-horrible sleeping patterns
-tracking lines on all objects
-limited interaction with peers
-would either shy away from noise or get noisier because of it

The list goes on and on. As time went by some concerns would dissipate and others would crop up in their place. The doctor said he was fine and even though we had that nagging feeling, we really wanted to believe it, so we carried on as usual. We kept our heads in the sand until nearly midway through this last year, that’s when the blinders came off.

Preschool wasn’t going well; he played alone and couldn’t keep his hands out of faces. His agitation level would reach maximum in seconds, behavior was more erratic than ever and he just didn’t seem available. When we took him to the doctor, all that was seen was a sweet, happy, funny, chatty little boy and red flags would be missed due to his overall cuteness but we knew; we knew something just wasn’t right and we had to take some action.

Around this time Miss Munchkin was having horrible tummy problems. We were constantly weaning her off one food or another trying to figure out the triggers. After trial and error we determined she had a milk allergy. Simultaneously, Mommy stumbled across information that linked dairy and gluten to ADHD and Autism symptoms. We didn’t know what was up with our son but we knew there were too many signs to ignore so we made a decision to modify his diet.

Along with diet, we also had to do some parenting modification. Our entire attitude about how we parented him had to change. While reading about Sensory Processing Disorder we learned that his surroundings were a constant disturbance. He couldn’t control how he heard or felt things, anymore than he could control the reaction he had to them. It was clear that we needed to recognize the stimulus that was causing him to act out, validate his feelings and help soothe his anxiety. This approach brought us all relief and the results were noticeable and immediate. The closer attention that we paid to his environment, the more we learned about him. It was an eye-opening experience all the way around.

We had great success with dietary changes. First to go was dairy and within 3 days there was a different child in front of us! He was calmer, more reasonable and more social. We stood back and watched him have a conversation with a grocery clerk like it was normal routine when in fact it had never happened before.

A couple months later we eliminated gluten. The change was slower but one day it was like a light switch turned on. He held eye contact. It wasn’t like he hadn’t looked in our eyes before but when the change happened we cried because we didn’t know how much of him we had been missing. Our sweet, happy, loving boy hadn’t been fully with us and now, there he was, looking at us. Really seeing us.

The most recent change was eliminating soy. After taking away dairy and gluten, much of his diet contained soy and for lack of better reasoning, it’s like his system started getting overloaded. The progress we had seen was beginning to wane and he was regressing into earlier behaviors. Acting out was taking a larger role and autistic symptoms were once again more prominent. Days after removing soy, he was reachable and pleasant. His sweet little voice would say things that melted us. He was calm enough to think them and available enough to say them.

This week he will start occupational therapy, a big step in helping him achieve daily goals. After a lengthy wait, we finally had an evaluation and as we had speculated, he is delayed in fine and gross motor skills. We’re excited to see him get involved in things that will help catch him up with his age group.

This last year has been full of changes for all of us. He has made so many improvements that “bad” days are not the norm anymore. When they happen it reaffirms all the changes we have implemented and makes us more vigilant than ever about always being “on” and aware. It can be exhausting but when he fights like hell during high stimulus moments to maintain control and is absolutely spent afterwards, we know that we have the strength to be there fighting right along side him, helping him stay strong.

Our little boy was born on the 4th of July.
We have celebrated 4 fourths.
There was no indication of how much of a firecracker he would be but his little soul puts off the most beautiful display of love.
The ultimate grand finale.

Love Always Prevails


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I heard the doorknob turn and a small voice… “TeeeTeeeee…  …TT….”
I was crashed out. Really crashed.
I couldn’t quite figure out if I was dreaming.

Last night I had fallen asleep, phone in hand while watching history happen through my Twitter feed.
At some point I had gotten familiar with the hashtag, #standwithwendy and just kept hitting refresh every minute. When the clock struck midnight, tweeters offered their praise regardless of outcome. A couple of minutes later pics of time stamps flooded the timeline, there was a discrepancy. I’m not so great at thinking after the kids are in bed so I had no idea what was happening. At 12:03am a tear ran down my cheek knowing that one brave woman, Wendy Davis, stood there and spoke for 13 hours in her pink running shoes filibustering an anti-abortion bill and she prevailed! Let me repeat that… Wendy Davis STOOD and SPOKE for THIRTEEN HOURS to protect a woman’s right to choose. This is a major victory in Texas! A true act of heroism!
At some point I dozed off while reading all the positive thoughts being sent to this tenacious woman.

“TT… cwawity one”
Huh? I manage to get one eye open and there’s the sweetest boy I know standing next to me smiling his little gap-toothed smile. I rub my eyes to get him into better focus.
“Cwawity one TT, cwawity one.”
Honey, I don’t know what you’re saying, can you say it slower?
“Caa waa wi ttyyy one”
Static pops through from the 2-way baby monitor then I hear Mommy say,
“DOMA… Prop 8… equality WON!”

Omg! You’re saying ‘equality won’? Oh my goodness… EQUALITY WON!!
“Yessss TT, cwawity won! Can you get up now?”

Yes son I’ll get up now. I’m up!

I let my head fall back on the pillow and let out a little whoop whoop and my eyes well up with happy tears. I can’t believe it! I seriously can’t believe it!
There next to me is a beautiful sleeping baby (yeah, she slept through all of that) and I can’t help but feel such an overwhelming amount of hope for her future; for the future of all of our kids. No matter who these little ones love, they will have the legal standing, protections and responsibilities that they deserve. We ALL have that now.

Wake up little one, equality won.
Can you believe it?
I can’t believe it.
Lets go downstairs.
“dowwwstays, otay”
I pick up the sleepy girl and head down to watch the the news coverage and celebrations. Our young family bunches together for a group hug.
I cry.
I really cry.

One of my many defense mechanisms is to trick myself into ‘not caring’ about something, even if it holds the highest of importance. I don’t make a big deal out of things because the past has proven that big deals mean big disappointments.
I magically pretended, convinced myself even, that being married to my partner didn’t matter. Once the information truly sunk in, I felt my insides soften. Just the idea that we can be legally married and fully recognized has strengthened my love for her because as I was tricking myself into not caring, I was also closing off the part of me that was most vulnerable.

Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer spent over four decades together before they were able to be legally married in their state. Not having the federal protections and exemptions that different sex couples had, when Thea Spyer passed away, Edith had to pay over $300,000 in federal estate taxes.
She did not slink away as I’m sure was expected. She fought.
The opposition was strong against her and she fought.
Today she won!
Because she won, we all win.

Thank you Edith Windsor! You are braver than I. You have lived with discrimination twice as long as I have and yet remained hopeful for change. You fought for change and you won. Your legacy will live on forever.
My children WILL know your name!

DOMA was struck down! Prop 8 was dismissed!
Hate has been defeated once again!

I love my partner.
I love my children.
I love my country.

Love always prevails!

Keep The Flashlight Close


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Storm preparation
Have you ever known a storm was coming and knowing that losing power was likely, thought about gathering the flashlights, candles and matches but put it off and then found yourself stumbling around in the dark?

That is kind of how I deal with depression.
The gray slowly starts to form on the horizon. I see it out there in the distance and think about doing a little check-in, make sure I’m taking precautions but instead avert my eyes and busy my mind. The next time I look up, the horizon is dark and the gray is tainting everything within eyesight. It’s easy to explain it away with situational stress, a rough night’s sleep or physical pain wearing me down, which happens on occasion but I know that I’m avoiding reality and I know that isn’t going to work out in my favor.

Why can’t I heed the signs?
They are like swinging light bulbs in a basement… creepy, yet beneficial.

*When I’m standing in the shower wondering if it’s really necessary to brush my teeth when I get out, I know that I need to keep a flashlight close just in case the darkness closes in on me faster than expected.

*When I’m asked why I’m not eating, it’s time to turn the flashlight on, shine some light and walk in a different direction to avoid the darkness and isolation that coats me like molasses. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a crowded room of strangers or next to my partner that loves me no matter what, I feel alone.

*When the OCD that I have to keep in check daily is bringing me to tears with the slightest touch of “icky” and sets me running off to the sink, then I know that I’m not just knee deep in chaos from our recent move and I need to get flashlights in both hands (even if I need rubber gloves to hold them).

Those are three major indicators that I need to alert those around me. I’m either skirting around the edges of darkness or already smack dab in the middle of it and need to reach out.

Words are powerful and sometimes the unspoken ones harm the most.
I fear depression like nothing else- talking about it can save me from isolation but it’s also the thing that’s hardest to do. When the signs are there, if I can simply say that I’m scared depression is chasing me down, many times that’s enough keep it at bay.

When I’ve crossed the fine line of fear to numbness, it’s harder to reach out for help. I may not realize how close I am to the edge or in all honesty, I may not have enough in me to care.
Most of the time my pride keeps me stuck. I want to be ‘strong’ and spare my loved ones from worry. I tell myself, “I’ve beat it before, I’ll do it again. No sense getting anyone else involved.” It’s a common phrase that runs through my head and usually shortly after I kick myself into gear and ask for help because I may be able to beat it on my own but I have a wonderful family and together, I move out of the darkness faster.

Last week I read a post by @HonestMom
It really hit home because I knew in my heart of hearts that I was sinking but I didn’t want  to say anything. I rationalized my silence with the thought that speaking about depression would  give it more power to consume me. The reality is; voicing my fears about it loosens its hold and allows honesty with myself and my feelings (or lack thereof).
That post was like a random flashlight, sitting in just the right location that when the storm got closer and the gray clouds darkened, I had protection from wandering aimlessly in the dark. Because of that one flashlight being in just the right spot at just the right time, I spoke up and am armed with an arsenal of flashlights and spare batteries.

I can feel the storm clouds breaking up already.

Our Firsts… Well, Not Our FIRST Firsts


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We are in our new home in Washington!




Technically, the house has been built for a little over a year and we spent last summer. Now that we’ve completely transitioned ourselves and all of our belongings, it feels super official. For this honorary situation I have compiled some ‘firsts’ that aren’t really firsts at all but rather, ‘firsts after many other firsts that only count as temporary firsts’.

The First first is…

Our first welcome home gift!!
This was waiting in the fridge when we arrived with our moving truck.
Love the “wo” men’s touch 😉
There was also Sparkling Grape/Apple juice in one of those champagne looking bottles for the Munchkins.
Was this the best first ever?? I vote, YES! Thank you friend


First room unpacked… the kitchen!
I honestly don’t think I have ever gotten an entire room completely unpacked before moving to another place.  Not necessarily because we moved too quickly but because I would hide organize boxes to work on later and forget about them. This time was different. Everything is put away and in a logical/functional location.
(Pics are not here for bragging purposes -too much- but so Mommy has a map of where things go in case she empties the dishwasher)



Sticking with the kitchen theme…
First time the dishwasher needed to be started and there was still silverware in the drawer. I don’t know if any of you have this issue but we have a serious issue with missing forks. Where the heck do they go?? I only like the small spoons and forks- call it tonsil protection -and they are always gone first.

How was this problem solved? By combining two houses stocked with minimal silverware to equal one house with an adequate supply.


Here we have the first chicken soup made from the first crockpot chicken leftovers and the first homemade broth. I only mention this because Ms. Big was impressed with my improved culinary skills… she was deprived as a child- pb&j was a common menu item 😉


First toddler-astrophy!
In case you’re wondering, that is CoffeeMate all over the floor. My precious Kcups came through unharmed for the moment but she has since figured out how to pop holes in them. I’ll start charging her 50 cents a piece if she keeps breaking them!

Have you ever had to clean up this type of mess? The gentle sweeping with one arm extended to prevent tiny feet from making more ‘cute’ prints all over the floor. The fast wiping with wipees to get the majority of the dust that is now turning to muck. The actual mopping on hands and knees to make sure nobody comes around the corner and breaks their neck… that stuff is slippery!!
I could’ve been sitting calmly with a coffee cup in my hand looking out the window watching the clouds go by but noooooo… I allowed the scary silence that preceded this on-purpose accident to carry on for too long.

Miss Munchkin has now discovered that, on her tippy toes, she can reach the water button on the fridge. The only thing good about that situation, is it didn’t happen at the same time as the creamer.


Our first trip to the community playground.
We had a brief look at the sun and by the time I got the kids into jackets and the dog leashed up the clouds began to take over once again.
It was garbage day and on the short walk, we were stopped by 2 garbage truck drivers so they could pet Miles. Yes, the dog is beautiful but the kids are cute as heck and the young boy that’s standing here jumping up and down with excitement that a garbage truck driver is standing in front of him, could use a bit of acknowledgement as well. Sheesh!


There you have it… a brief list of firsts.
What firsts do you cherish?
Hmm… cherish looks like cherry but that’s neither here nor there 😉